Hi, I'm Victor

Welcome to my responsive-, and very performant website.
I am a front-end webdeveloper from the Netherlands. Currently, I am employed at Bluebird Day where I develop e-commerce and retail websites. Working on the web on and off since the early 2000's I've been running my own business on the side doing freelance development and design.

Currently, I like to focus on performance optimisation, ES6, VueJS, large scale (S)CSS architecture and accesibility.

In 2011 I graduated the art academy where I focussed on interactive art installations. Before that I attended a 4 year course on multimedia design (which meanth learning Macromedia Director, 3D Studio Max and dragging around some tables in Dreamweaver). On the side I was building websites and taking on design jobs for bands and personal projects. This is where I actually learnt something.



You can find me on Twitter, where I don't really tweet, and on LinkedIn, where I'll ignore you if you're an external recruiter.

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